“How to Start a Blog for Earning from Home”

If you are intended to do something better in your life…If you are passionate about something, have some skills, knowledge, if you like to meet new challenges…and finally if you are willing to make money. Then, probably you are now in the write place.

Because here I am going to show you- how you can make money by combining all these elements that you have.

The Ultimate Guide to Start Blog and Make Money from home:
  • Pick your Niche and Blog Name.
  • Get your blog online (Domain and web hosting)
  • Install WordPress as Easy Development.
  • Design your blog with free or Premium WordPress theme.
  • Install some easy and important WordPress plugins.
  • Write your content.
  • Promote your blog and get visitors.
  • Make money by your blog.
Follow these 8 mandatory steps to learn how to start a blog and earn money today.

If you are eagerly waiting to know in details then take a leap and learn finally that can enter you into a source of real online income. So, let’s dive in-

Pick your Niche and Blog Name:

Blog’s Niche:
Are you finding your niche? But can’t find any clue where to start finding, feeling like sinking in ocean? Then the clue is-find, where is your passion. Write about what you love to know. Think about what you like to think. If you are searching for a niche then this is the expert’s advice.

Now a question may peep in your mind that- why the experts think so. And the logic is ----

If you are passionate about a thing that means you are willing to gather knowledge and have ability to do something on that topic, that means you are less or more skilled about that. Again, you are affectionate about the topic that means you must have a minimum experience on that.

So finally what stands-Your niche become the combination of these 3 most important things-

But still, those are not enough. If you want to be successful then you also have to find profit behind these all. Here I mention 4 tips for finding your profitable blogging niche -
  • Evaluate your passion and skill.
  • Do market research.
  • Pick a smaller niche.
  • Make sure its profitable.

Another important part for a successful blog which sometimes overlooked:
You have to choose a niche with less competition otherwise your blog will be beaten down by high authority website. On the other hand, if you choose a niche with no demand then your blog will rarely make an impact. So, you have to choose a niche that’s in middle position and also be monetized easily.

Blog’s name:
The name of your blog is that readers will see first. So, it should represent either the topics you will be writing about or it could be your own name, your business name, a wise combination of words or something else.


What niches are most profitable?

How do I choose a profitable niche?
  • Step 1-Select a niche that you are passionate.
  • Step 2-Check the market value of the niche.
  • Step 3- Look into current trends.
  • Step 4-Find out the problems of beer niche market.
  • Step 5- Find ample products to promote and sell.
  • Step 6- Audience will to pay.
  • Step 7- Analyze the competition of existing websites.
  • Step 8- see online advertisement.
  • Step 9- strong association.
What mistakes people do to choose a niche?
  • Not following your passion.
  • Not niching down enough.
  • Niching down too much.
  • Thinking you need to be an expert.
  • Clearly don't understand what you are supposed to do with your niche.
  • Second guessing.

Get your blog online (Domain and web hosting):
At first your blog needs two elements to make it run – domain and web hosting.

What is domain name?
Your domain is your blog’s online address URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Selecting Domain Name:
Make your blog of your own with advanced web features. It should have a perfect domain name. It's not only for how customers are able to find you but also it always presents your brand in the best light.

For picking a domain name you have to follow some rules-
  • Your domain name have to be easy to remember.
  • Domain name should not be too difficult to type.
  • Should be easy to pronounce.
  • Don't confuse people with difficult spelling.
  • Average using numbers and hyphens in your domain.

* Here should I mention-
Don't hang up for finding the best domain name because your domain name is not concern of most people. They just want answer to their question and they usually don't care who offers it.
So, if you can help them by giving their answer that's great. No need to Hung up on finding the perfect domain name.

Consider these two tips for finding a domain name-
  • Try to find a name that specify your niche.
  • Before selecting keep your mind that people will see your domain in Google search Results.
Once you get your domain name now it's time to sign up for web hosting. Like a domain name hosting account's all about moving forward. No need to hang up here on the details.

What is web hosting?
Your blog's files databases and storage need to stores and organized. Hosting provider allows space on a web server (hosting) for a website to do so.
Choose the best web hosting for your business considering- speed, reliability, features and more. Now there are hundreds of options for blog hosting and the good thing is-it's cheap. But among all Bluehost is the idlest choice. Because it offers everything that you need to stand a blog. Again, the good thing is- it's cost only $2.95/month.

Now how to get started Bluehost-
  • First- Go to Bluehost.
  • Second- Click get started.
  • Third- Choose the basic plan.
  • Fourth- Press your domain.
  • Fifth- Create your account.
That’s all that you need to do. Isn’t it easy?

Let's have a look that what features Bluehost offers-
  • Free domain name (saving of $12/month).
  • Easy to cPanel.
  • Unlimited hand width.
  • Live chat support.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited storage.


What is the best domain hosting service?
  • If you want quick and responsive website changes- DreamHost Review.
  • Best for WordPress hosting- Bluehost Review.
  • For Ecommerce hosting- Nexcess Review.
  • The most affordable option for startups- HostGator review.
  • The best option for scaling BIG- In motion Review
Which hosting is best for beginners?
Best WordPress hosting for beginners (Top 5 options)-

  • Bluehost.
  • SiteGround.
  • DreamHost.
  • Kinsta.
  • Flywheel.
Is GoDaddy a good host?
Godaddy is one of the most reputed and popular domain name register host. They offer tons of web storage. I find it very easy to use I will recommend it for beginners.


Install WordPress as easy development:
There are many blogging platforms so people have different options but Most people start blogging on WordPress. It gets popularity because it is easy to use. It is very best for new bloggers.

Here mentioned 37% of the websites in the world powered by WordPress. Here once you finished your testing period you are ready to do finally.

The good news!
When you complete buying hosting and domain name, Bluehost has the right to one click install WordPress software on your domain name. That means your blog is installed. Now comes your desire part that every beginner blogger waiting for.


Is WordPress easy for beginners?
To customize your blog WordPress is the very best platform for the beginners. Now you don't need to know anything about code or web design because WordPress offers all made options for them it's simple to use. So, it's the perfect option for the beginners.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?
There is a word- "there is nothing unmixed blessing in the world"

The WordPress has lots of benefits but still it has some disadvantages-

  • Poor SEO ranking.
  • Website can go down without notice.
  • Low page speed.
  • Frequent theme and plugin updates.
  • Website vulnerability.
Can I learn WordPress on my own?
Learning WordPress does not need much time or money. You can do it yourself, sitting over your own place. Its motive is to help you the best to build your website on your own.

How much does a WordPress website cost?
It depends on your needs. WordPress website cost you to start can range from $100 to $500 to $3000 to even as high as $30,000 or sometimes more.


Design your blog with free or premium WordPress theme:
Blog niche and name- completed
Domain hosting- completed
Install WordPress- completed

Now it's the time to decor your shop. Blog design is very important because a lucrative blog will fascinate your visitors to make crowd. In fact, that is how your blog will make a long-lasting impact on their mind.

What is WordPress theme?
In WordPress there is an option called "WordPress theme".

WordPress theme is the overall look- the decoration of your website. It includes-color scheme, layout and style element. It is the cluster of templates, files and style sheets. It has readymade design for consuming your time. There you will get designs for all types of blogs.

Free or premium WordPress theme:
WordPress has free as well as premium WordPress themes. Free options are limited but if you go for premium option then you will get all the supports and starter guide. You must get quality full design for your blog here.

So, I always recommended to use the premium WordPress theme.

How to install a new theme for your blog in WordPress?
Here are the states that you have to follow to install a new theme-

  • Step 1- Log into your WordPress account. Once you login you can see your WordPress dashboard.
  • Step 2-click on the "Appearance" option from the sidebar menu.
  • Step 3-select the "Themes" option from the appearance section
  • Step 4-To add a theme, click "Add New" that's at the top of the page. You will find tons of free themes. Scroll down and choose your best desire one.
  • Step 5-To unlock a theme, you can choose "Preview". To see the demo or install it clicks "Install" button. Once installed click the "Active" link.
You have to keep in your mind before selecting a WordPress theme that it is the direct representation of your brand.

Finally, you did all the steps now, preview your site-How it looks.
Criteria for picking a WordPress:
Here 5 most important observation that you need before selecting a thing-

  • The theme should not have malicious code.
  • It should load fast.
  • The theme developers should be trustworthy.
  • It has to be easy to customize and edit.
  • The theme that you select must have great customer support.


Which free WordPress theme is best for blogging?
10 best free WordPress blog themes-

  • Writee. Writee demo...
  • Olsen Light. Olsen Light demo.
  • Hemingway. Hemingway demo...
  • Ocean WP. Ocean WP demo...
  • Astra. Astra demo...
  • Love craft. Love craft demo...
  • Poseidon. Poseidon demo...
  • Neve. Neve demo...
  • Tracks. Tracks demo ...
  • Hueman. Hueman demo...

Which is the best theme for bloggers?
If you are searching for the best one for you then-, I will recommend Sora Ribbon Blogger Template. It is a clean and modern blogger theme. It's stylish as well as carefully crafted perfect design. This powerful BlogSpot theme has a 100% responsive design. Sora Ribbon Blogger Template is great for your personal blog or magazine.

Is it worth buying a WordPress theme?
To stand out your website it is very much important to choose a good theme. A good premium theme gives you enough flexibility in terms of design. It helps you to create so many variations.


Install some easy and important WordPress plugins:
Customize your site by installing some easy and important WordPress plugins: Before discussion we need to know clearly that what is WordPress plugins.

What are WordPress plugins?
WordPress plugin is a bit of code that "Plugs in" to your WordPress site. Easily to say WordPress plugin is something that add the latest functions to your WordPress site or expand your last functionality on your site.

How to install?
It’s basic to choose the best for SEO and site speed. Let's go through the fundamental WordPress plugins that every beginner should have. Here is a list of 5 best one-

  • Yoast SEO
  • OptinMonster
  • Sucuri
  • Akismet
Yoast SEO:
Yoast SEO has become one of the most in demandable WordPress plugin for novices and seasoned site-maker. Yoast SEO stuffed with magnificent selection of features and tools. Use Yoast SEO to manage your sitemap, robots.txt, page title and meta description.

In terms of conversion rate optimization plugins software is the best one.
Its design allows users to turn bouncer visitors into interested email subscribers and paying customers.
Thus, OptinMonster is a precious tool for bloggers, new business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

When building your blog, the security matter should have to be in your consideration. In terms of security Sucuri is mostly chosen WordPress plugins. It offers DNS-level network find walls and intrusions as well as malware and blacklist removal service.

Everyone wants their site with traffic. It hurts if the site dominated by spam and bots. Akismet's first job is to filter out and delete spam comments.


Can I install plugins on WordPress free?
If you are a WordPress user then unless you upgrade the business plan which costs about $299 per year, you cannot install plugins. If you are not willing to pay $299 per year, then you have to switch your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

How do I install WordPress plugins without business plan?
Without upgrading the business plan, you cannot install plugins on WordPress.com. But you can easily install plugins to your self-hosted WordPress.org website. You must have administrator facility to install a plugin.

Why does WordPress plugin installation fail?
This type of problem occurs when you exceed your memory limit. In this situation the installation process will be terminated and you will get an error message mentioning that the memory limit has been reached.


Write your content:
Finally, it’s time to start a blog. Before start your writing at first make a content plan and the table of content. These two things will surely help you to feel yourself easier to complete the content. Think about what the readers actually wants to know.

What is Content plan:
A content plan includes all the data- gathering functions, marketing assets that needed to reach your destination. Each and everything from research to blogging and even a white paper writing will include in a content plan.

Another major criterion of a good blog is- “The Detailing”. Try to cover each aspect of the topic.

Always remember blog posts with audio, video, infographics, photos keep readers attract more.

What is table of content?
Here I’m not going to give any definition about the table of content. Directly I will give an example because I think it will help to understand this matter more clearly-

For example, your topic is-

# How to minimize scars and blemishes treat your skin with special care?

Table of content

  • 1.Beginning statement
  • 2.What are scars
  • 3.Reasons of scars
  • 4.What are blemishes
  • 5.Reasons of blemishes
  • 6.The best way to fight against scars (home remedies)
  • 7.How to minimize blemishes on face by home remedies
  • 8.Other’s way to minimize these problems
  • 9.FAQs (frequently Asked Questions)
Probably without telling clearly what is table of content you already understand it.

After all, that means- The way that you planned to complete your content. It’s your choice whether you will mention it before starting your content or not but it will definitely helpful for you to complete your writing.

Some tips to improve your writing:

  • 1. Choose a topic that you know very well. Use every possible street to reach your goal. Mention all points about the topic that a reader may want to know.
  • 2. Try to write 1000+ words. And no paragraph should be longer than 3-4 sentences.
  • 3. Do not copy image from Google.
  • 4. Use Readable font.
  • 5. Can add videos from YouTube. Your content should have enough data and history regarding the topic.
  • 6. Write the content thinking a person is hearing you. And you are talking to the person. This idea will help you to select the tone. Here you can notice my tone is “I” and “You”.
  • 7. Try to bring some creativity in your working style.
  • 8. Keep your work common and easy so that different types of readers can easily understand your thoughts.
Two mistakes that usually most new bloggers do:
Here are the two common mistakes that most new blogger do-

  • 1. Skipping the small, long-tail topics and go right for big ones- When you do this, you will fail to achieve your audience trust because you go right into a competitive topic where you don't get a chance of ranking, never get traffic and finally you will feel like a loser.
  • 2. Writing small specific blog posts even when built up trust and authority- Once you become an expert on long-tail, specific blog post now, it's time to cross your boundary and go for some vast topic with more traffic potential. This is how a new blogger become successful. Start from tiny and then grow over time.
How to overcome these two mistakes?
To overcome these two mistakes your plan should be like this-

  • Write blog about a definite topic and after few searches and less competition.
  • To build trusted to Google and the readers follow these strategies several times.
  • Keep in mind more competitive topic will gather more traffic so work your way up to bigger.
Before post your content:

  • Double-check for typos and grammatical errors.
  • To make easy to understand at a glance to the readers use bullet points.
  • You can also mention “Table of content” to give a clear idea all about your content have.
  • Check your content on any software like Grammarly or Copywritely.
What else you need to reach your destination?
That is SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) an advanced level topic. It is very tough to cover all about SEO in a content. Many newbies don’t have sound knowledge on SEO. They don’t follow SEO and it became their big mistake. SEO helps to drive your target audience from organic search.

There are 3 main parts of SEO:

  • 1. On page SEO: Your keyboard placement, content quality and other factors.
  • 2. Off-site SEO: Backlinks from other sites.
  • 3. On-site SEO: Crawling of your website.


What skill does a content writer need?
Here are the 8 skills that bring your perfection to be a content writer-

  • 1. Research
  • 2. Originality
  • 3. Adaptability
  • 4. SEO
  • 5. Time management
  • 6. Communication
  • 7. Social media knowledge
  • 8. Editing
What makes a good content writer?
The answer in a word- "Research".

A great content writer is desperate about research- which brings a qualitiful result. A good writing should be enriched with data and history because these are the things that helps to gather people in your site.

What are the five types of writing?
Here are the five most common types-

  • 1. Argumentative writing
  • 2. Expository writing
  • 3. Analytical writing
  • 4. Narrative writing
  • 5. Persuasive writing


Promote Your Blog and Get Visitors:
In this case the best strategy is- build up links to your blog. Here links will help you to spellbound your readers and keep attached to your site.

The more you can build up your link the more you will gather traffic. And thus, Google will take you seriously. Finally, you will see your destination-you will come in rank.

The top strategy to promote your blog post-

  • 1. Guest blogging
  • 2. Link building
1. Guest blogging:
Guest blogging is the best to promote your blog.

It is a fabulous way to build authority in your niche, get backlinks and meet with other bloggers.

Here you have to provide value to others instead of thinking about the benefits that you will get from back links.

Here should repeat again-

You must have to provide value in the world of internet marketing.

2. Link building:
Guest blogging was one trunk of the tree but there are some other trunks-

Maybe sounds like- you are in heaven. But truly the best part of link building is getting linked silently. That means without any involvement.

Naturally people always find for the best. Then, how could you make sure that your content is one of the best.

Prove it by providing the unique and high-quality work. Thus, you can go into the heaven.

To run it to the higher level, add visual elements to your blog posts. Try to make it different from others. Try to add exceptional ingredients in it. So that it could prove your content unique.


How can I increase my blog traffic?
Here I am going to mention some ways to get traffic and promote your blog-

  • 1. Update your blog. Write more. Studies show that the more you update your blog the more traffic will gather.
  • 2. Write best headlines.
  • 3. Promote with social media.
  • 4. Include photos images and data.
  • 5. Follow SEO.
  • 6. Build up links.
How do I get 1000 visitors on my blog?
How to get 1000 visitors to your blog every day-

  • Create a top list article around through keywords.
  • Write a headline to sell people.
  • Do brainstorm and research.
  • Make sure your blog post looks lucrative.
How do I promote my blog?
How to promote your blog with social media-

  • 1. Share your content in many places.
  • 2. Include your blog link in your social media profiles.
  • 3. Green up your open graph data.
  • 4. Share your new posts more than once.
  • 5. Rock the power of hundred rules.
Final thoughts:
Finally, every blog post called a living document. You have to continually update the information if you want to survive in the world of internet and see you in Google rank.

I hope all that I stuffed here will help you all the way of your blogging journey. Your success is the inspiration of my writing.